Beckoning Beacon

We can criticize and attempt to fix all that’s wrong with life. We can try to stay out of things and just observe. We can dive right into our role and relish the experience.

Obviously we’d rather just travel a well defined path and feel fulfilled by our physical existence. But as ambitions and opportunities don’t always align, frustration can set in. From there we can rebel against life with rage or disinterest — burning out early or retreating at every opportunity.

We might also try acceptance. But acceptance is no easy task for those unable to relate to their internal inclinations or external circumstances. For some it seems as if asking a dog to live as a bird — build a nest and eat worms.

Because life contains dilemmas too numerous and intertwined to manage, it’s of no use to fix life. Because urges force action, we can’t simply sit still. For many, just dealing with the angst of life is a primary theme of existence.

But that’s good news, as that angst represents an actual pathway. It is the role of some to act as beacons, traveling ahead, shining so others miss the ruts and rocks. Starting as dim flickers these beacons gather resources, enough to build a brilliant light.


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