Thematic Alterations

Comedic and dramatic stories often contain themes of misunderstanding and overreaction. For example, a guy thinks his girl is cheating on him, he proceeds to cause all kinds of ruckus only to find out she was merely planning a surprise birthday party — hilarious.

And throughout our daily lives we can witness the same themes. But it’s odd to think we manufacture so much drama in our lives — why not simply seek clarity while maintaining a calm demeanor? He didn’t show up!? Well maybe he had a good reason, I’ll wait until I hear more, then I’ll respond in a composed manner.

Our lives, even our histories, are a series of misunderstandings and overreactions. But maybe we’ve run that theme into the ground. It can be amusing, but how many times should we shout about something that’s not even true? Instead of yelling and condemning, maybe we could ask questions while curtailing our pessimistic speculation?

Instead of buffoonery as our theme, perhaps we could pursue alternative themes such as exploration and advancement. Instead of yelling about conclusions based on conjecture, we communicate peaceably, seeking truth and fellowship. Enough with the immature bullshit already, let’s move on.


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