Intangible Challenge

For many, our challenge isn’t our lack of dedication or our inability to do hard work, it’s our lack of a well-defined objective, we have no place to apply our efforts. The desire to overcome is there, but there’s nothing to push, no direction to travel, no easily identified obstacle in our way.

For instance, clearing a driveway full of snow has a clearly defined path. Hold the shovel, stick it into the snow, lift, and throw to the side, repeat until no snow remains. Into such a task, we can put all our focus and effort, exerting and exhausting ourselves in the process. And, this activity immediately produces an obviously useful result.

Oftentimes though, we may be driven to do something that isn’t as tangible and might not seem useful. So it’s not that we lack direction, it’s that we keep ignoring the path that’s right in front of us. Those around us may consider the path worthless, so we avoid it.

Part of our challenge then, is trying to pursue our path while external forces attempt to prevent it. We might have to traverse it while camouflaging ourselves in tangible utility. Despite not wanting to deviate from our dedication, we sometimes have to appear busy with what others find productive.

Is summation, we must accept our path despite external resistance, and once accepted we must find furtive ways to remain upon it. Our challenge is not only the path itself, but its acceptance and the balancing of our dedication with other aspects of life.

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