Formalities of Life

I’m not a fan of the formal layer of life. I don’t like hierarchies or titles. I don’t like identifying people by professions or positions. I feel silly interacting with people when they’re acting out a role, it’s artificial, and I’m not skilled at playing along. And I find it odd to see woven material and other accoutrements used as symbols of status.

I’d personally like to see this layer of pretend stripped away. But I’m guessing others must love it, as it’s so prevalent and so many seem to be going along with it. For them, I suppose it makes life more orderly, perhaps easier to deal with, or maybe more entertaining. To me it just seems juvenile. I think the world would get along fine without formalized roles.

If others want to play dress-up I suppose that’s their right, but I don’t think everyone should be forced to honor their games. I don’t like being relegated to a particular role and I don’t like confining others to such limiting definitions. I think a human-being should be a human-being, that’s it, nothing more and nothing less.

I think it’s time we moved on from the game of treating others in particular ways because of contrived protocols. We’re all human-beings and every single one of us should be afforded the full capacity of decency and respect that we apply to any other. Those wishing to play odd little games can do so in a room somewhere, leaving me and anyone who so chooses out of it.