Ordered Layering

Thinking about the 4 layers of life a bit more, I’d like to see people put more emphasis on the human-being layer while de-emphasizing the citizen layer. So instead of focusing on procedures and minor differences, people would focus on the core relationship we have with one another.

It’s nice when people care about others regardless of superficial differences. To me at least, it seems more appropriate to relate to people on a more human to human level. It seems so odd to relate via an artificial layer of titles and positions and accoutrement — it feels fake and forced, like we’re playing a global game of dress-up. Even a child to a parent is just one human-being to another.

As far as the apelike layer, I think we should work on keeping him healthy and relatively satisfied, yet relegate his role to that of vehicle for the greater humanness contained within. What people look like and how they’re dressed should be insignificant compared to what they think and feel inside. And our internal ideas must be vigilantly vetted, as we should strive toward the higher nature of our humanness.

On the layer of consciousness is where we monitor ourselves to ensure adherence to this precedence of layering. We would dismantle ideas promoting savagery and division while elevating ideas of compassion and cooperation. And on this layer we ensure that the pretend comes to an end, reinforcing that cloth is just cloth, that borders are squiggles on paper, and that colors are mere shades on a spectrum.


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