Sharing is Caring

Shared hardship is what makes deep meaningful conversation possible, it brings people closer. To live a life without shared hardship is to live a meaningless, lonely life. We suffer not for the sake of suffering, but to engage in the shared experience of adversity.

If this is not the case, why is the world awash in hardship, why after thousands of years do we not live a life of ease? Our lesson is not to rid ourselves of hardship, nor conceal it, nor turn from others in need, but to share — share the struggles of life. Misery is the result of suffering silently.

Lives of quiet desperation are such when we tuck ourselves away, attempting to avoid life’s struggle. We are punished for shrinking away. If those in our vicinity lay broken, without help, we will feel the ramification of such tragedy. Life spurs us to share not shirk.

It’s said that a problem shared is a problem halved. Problems are the currency of camaraderie — nothing unites like problems. Friendships are forged in the fires of adversity. If people are in trouble, their dilemmas exist as an opportunity for others to help.

The things we do in life, the jobs, the careers, the technology, the parties, even the families, do not exist for their own sake, they’re all insignificant endeavors — they exist merely as a means to facilitate relationships. We are here to construct meaningful relationships amongst ourselves.

And to that end, we must share in hardship — contributing our time, our energy, our resources, our talents, or our problems. The most honorable act in life is helping those in need. Both parts of the equation are necessary, we need those that hurt as much as those that help.


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