Pure Wisdom

Wisdom is not the process of compiling and committing to a set of “correct” ideas. Ideas are just daydreams, figments formed from the mashing of words. Wisdom is the pristine processing of thought, no residue is left behind. When ideology can’t stick, only simple truths remain.

We can plainly observe our apelike nature as we stand upon seemingly solid rock. Underlying our simian structure, resides an awareness of life, a consciousness. There’s no label but that, a creature with a conscience, all else being fanciful fairytale. Faced with that simplicity, we witness others populating our surroundings.

Without categorization, without appraisal, they’re similarly struggling entities. Without imagined circumstances, competition is a concept lacking merit. Hands are for helping, not hurting, as we share this world in childlike delight. Wisdom manifests as the realization of innocence, our own, and that of all others.


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