Dysfunctional Systems

Any system is merely a superficial reference layer. Whatever it’s called, however it’s structured, it’s essentially just people. Therefore, the attitude of participants determines how well it functions. When engaged selfishly for instance, any system becomes dysfunctional.

Because we’re mired in selfish attitudes, we suffer, our infrastructure crumbles. When it’s me, me, me, no one is going to have a good time — eventually cohesion collapses, diminishing our collective power. This is not a problem of particular individuals, but a cultural issue.

Selfish and divisive ideas cannot be allowed to persist unchallenged. As a culture we must recognize, challenge, and dismantle those ideas that damage the whole. We must recognize that we are not a collection of individuals fighting for dominance, but a community struggling toward unity.

Any bad behavior is corrected through consistent persistence. When unkindness and division appear, they must be compassionately denounced. We must champion generosity and agreement. Systems succeed through courteous cooperation; they fail from fierce competition.


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