There to Here

An excerpt from the fictional tales of
The Gentleman from Massachusetts.

On the question of immigration, I lack justification to deny any who simply seek a place to live. At birth, we appear within this preexisting world, a place seemingly lent to us without cost or obligation, living amongst others with whom we must share. The planet is no more mine than anyones. Who am I to say who goes where — even my ancestors didn’t remain in their places of birth.

Having witnessed immigrants assimilating seamlessly, a host is better off welcoming and accepting newcomers rather than shunning and segregating. One method instills gratitude, the other resentment. When fought, things get messy for all involved. Ultimately we can’t control migration patterns of people, so it’s not something we can alter if we wanted to.

Often the issue is exploited by ruthless politicians attempting to attract followers through fear. While it’s true that a culture can dilute and change when overwhelmed with newcomers, a static culture can become stale and festering, or even change with each generation. Outcomes being beyond our control, acceptance of changing trends tends to be the more satisfying strategy.

Cutthroat competition is an undignified way for a society to behave. We all end up dead at the end, should we rip and claw our way to the finish? If generosity leads to our demise, so be it, as there is no more honorable way to go. Should we spend our efforts vainly protecting what we’ve only borrowed, or should we with open arms and open hearts simply say, “Welcome, friends”.


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