Unpredictable Bliss

We love unpredictability. In books and movies, in games and sports, even in romance. If life was predictable, we’d hate it. So not only are we bad at predicting outcomes, we wouldn’t even choose to be good at it.

What’s weird then, is that we so often believe we want life to be predictable — when in truth, we don’t. I’m often of the belief that I want my life to follow a specific well-known path, but if it did, I’d be disappointed when it occurred exactly as expected.

Stories are fun and interesting only when they defy expectations. When life does not proceed as planned, then that’s the best possible outcome, it means something stimulating happened. Boredom is obviously not a goal we want to achieve.

But of course, life can be so unpredictable that it upsets us. We can be so surprised and shocked that we want to shut down. But even this is part of the engrossing spectacle of life. And to appreciate this roller-coaster-like characteristic of life, is to know satisfaction.