Deceit of the Cloth

The enemy of Jesus was not the devil, but the religious establishment of his day. Jesus could handle temptation and the devil. The target of his ire, and those that sought his destruction, were those of the religious hierarchy. By them, he was condemned and turned over to the government for execution.

And through his death, he demonstrates that those in power sacrifice the innocent to serve themselves, not God. He openly attacked those that used God’s name to fulfill selfish ends, the hypocrites, those that offer themselves up for praise and worship by others.

But what man has right to stand before others claiming to speak for God? None, as man cannot reach God through man. And to prove this point, even his body was defiled and disgraced lest there be any doubt that what is flesh should not be worshiped.

Before crucifixion, Jesus demonstrated God’s love for man, showing that life is for living, that sickness and suffering are not the point of this world, but rather communing with others in celebration, partaking in merriment without judgement, even with those considered unworthy by society’s standards.

Jesus exposed the temples to be not houses of God, but of deceit, maintained by ravenous wolves. The doorway to God’s temple is birth, life is the service, and every man a parishioner. The roof is the very sky, all those under brethren, and all within sacred.


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