Conscious Vehicle

What brings about suffering is not the external itself, but the desire to alter it. Therefore, let life do as it will, simply follow along in the role provided. Within our self-driving vehicle, we the observers are to gaze appreciatively at the spectacle outside — attempting to steer sets up a struggle we cannot win.

For each ride, we must be who we are meant to be, forgetting what we were and ignoring who we’ll become. This life belongs to this character, he should have his due. As the consciousness, do not be swayed by the senses or distracted by delusion, let go of what “you” want, and let this creature work its way through the world utilizing the qualities it has been given.

It’s folly to think we can assist a creature so deeply rooted in this world. Do we will the heart to beat? We instigate nothing this creature does. To us, this life unfolds as a mysterious adventure, yet this creature follows a clear and simple path powered by impulses and intuition.

Pushed and pulled along, our character performs his role, bringing us through the attraction. As spectators, we can invest as much as we’d like in the storyline, minimizing fear and frustration when scenes prove too intense. Outcomes are interesting but ultimately not our concern. And without worry of what comes next, we find satisfaction in the simplicity of becoming a patient and appreciative passenger.


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