Dating Life

Perhaps life just wants to be appreciated, maybe life doesn’t like the constant criticism or being told it needs to change in order for you to be happy. Why can’t life ever be good enough? No wonder your relationship with life sucks, you’re a judgmental asshole.

Life is ugly, life is too crazy to deal with, life never knows what I want, life makes me so angry, life treats me like shit… and on and on it goes. Well what have you done for life? People used to perform sacrifices in order to demonstrate their appreciation for life — but you, not even a “thanks”.

What’s the alternative to life? Non-existence perhaps? So isn’t this world, this spectacle, at least a little something special? Maybe slightly better than nothingness? So maybe try showing a little interest in what life has put together here? It’s a world full of non-stop excitement, and all you can do is nitpick.

I mean, it obviously takes a lot of work to create and maintain all this, and here you are shitting all over it, not even giving it a chance. You’re pointing out all the things you don’t like, ignoring anything good that comes along, and bad-mouthing life to anyone that’ll listen.

Life doesn’t create the world to make you or anyone else suffer — what kind of demented logic is that? Living is hard, yeah, but hardship is not the point — that’s like saying the purpose of fruit is to rot, it’s twisted. Yes, we poop and cry and even die, but that’s not why we’re here.

Did you even consider, perhaps if you treat life right, get involved, show a little gratitude, look like you’re having fun, then maybe life will return the favor? Maybe the relationship is a two-way street and you have to give a little to get a little. Does being an ungrateful little shit seem like a successful strategy?

Look, yeah I get it, life is a bit heavy-handed at times, some bones may break, but life means well, otherwise why provide all this? Everything you’ve ever enjoyed, every bit of love you’ve felt, every taste that’s danced across your tongue, every cozy embrace, and every sense of satisfaction, life provides that, for you, and after all that you still find something to complain about — so who’s the jerk here?


2 thoughts on “Dating Life

  1. Thanks for the recent like! Decided to get back into this game of blogging.. Interesting post.

    Arguably life is actually just like a really blunt, to the point, fairly simple partner. If we do something life reacts exactly how we deserve it to like 80% of the time. If we try – life rewards us. If we slob around – life gives us nothing. Its a partner that doesn’t play games. It merely reacts with an equal and fair response to our actions. Yea it occasionally fucks up but it also occasionally gives us a random act of kindness. Would be expect perfection from a human, no? Then lets not have double standard here.. life is as perfectly imperfect as any other partner, just without the mind games and sex.

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