Tone it Down

I get that a story needs some drama, but why must the world be filled with a disturbing level of suffering? There’s so much nastiness, why not a moderate storyline instead? For instance, I enjoy romance-comedies, not serious dramas, not thrillers, and certainly not horror movies. I like my heartstrings gently tugged, not ripped from my chest.

But is your life that difficult, or are you basing this critique on the lives of others? Some people do watch horror movies, some like thrill rides, some adore the macabre, and some enjoy trouble-making, so perhaps you should just focus on something else if these things don’t suit your tastes. In other words: you do you, and don’t be outraged on behalf of others.

Oh come on, now you’re asking me to justify all the horrible happenings of life by simply imagining that the victims ultimately wanted it that way. And even if I’m able to coerce such a warped worldview, I’d still only want to live in a world that provides all inhabitants with a decent life, not a wretched place filled with despair everywhere I look. I can’t enjoy the experience while sitting atop a mountain of garbage.

But if the foundation of this world is fictional, no creature is truly hurt. You’re complaining about injured illusions. And without chaos, there’s nothing to fix, without victims, there’s no one to help — to remove the bad of the world is to remove the good — there’s no way around that. The highest peaks exist only amongst the deepest troughs.

Fixing and helping is fine, but why not tone it down a bit. Instead of helping someone survive a devastating event, how about we just help them recover from a cold, or perhaps help them organize their pantry. Do we really need such brutal calamity throughout the world?

Again, many people do enjoy overly dramatic soap-operas filled with savagery and betrayal. Life literally provides all things for all people. It’s a shared world after all, the compromise is that all these things exist at once. Not everything directly enters your life, so stop paying attention to what doesn’t. You may think you need to fix the world, but the world has been doing fine without your assistance since its inception. It’s not the external world, but your misunderstanding of life that causes you grief.


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