Witnessing Life

We don’t know what we want from life because we’re just the consciousness, the part that observes and ascribes meaning to things, the witness. The doer, the part that drives our physical presence, is impulse and intuition — the forces that are well-aware of how to navigate through the world. The consciousness on the other hand, is an uninformed audience, ever waiting to see what comes next.

As we wonder what’s around the corner, it doesn’t matter, as it’s merely speculation. The observer cannot control outcomes. But this is a good thing, because we don’t know how to proceed anyway, as life’s mechanics are a mystery to us — thus we lack the burden of needing to know what to do next. And it also means our anxiety is pointless, because if we just watch, life will proceed as it intends.

Oftentimes, we can correctly guess outcomes and we fool ourselves into thinking we had either influence or special predictive power. But other times, we’re shattered because life takes an odd turn and we feel powerless because of it, we’re devastated. Of course, we never had power to begin with, and it serves us to keep this in mind, that life’s plot is too intricate to be controlled or predicted.

An audience positively contributes to a performance by responding appropriately and remaining appreciative. An unruly audience, on the other hand, can complain so loudly as to disrupt the show, creating an unpleasant experience for all involved. To enjoy the show therefore, we the audience must practice stillness, not focus on the unpleasant, and find an aspect to appreciate.


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