Good Times

Humor is contextual. What is serious and what is funny can flip based on perspective and interpretation.

Viewing a video of someone slipping can incite laughter. But knowing the subject suffered serious injury makes the video macabre, eliciting a somber mood.

If life is fictional, and no creature is truly hurt, having only ever existed as illusion, then life is likely a highly humorous circumstance.


One thought on “Good Times

  1. And if we all have that perspective wherein we see life as a humorous circumstance, we’d lose touch with ourselves. Empathy, the remnants of which we are surviving on, would disappear. I know that your post is only about the context of humor but still, it made me think of the fictional world you envisaged in the last line.
    So, I’d say that this post stirred some thoughts in me. Have a good day/evening. :-)

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