Sharing Life

An otherwise unpleasant experience can become enjoyable when shared. And life certainly provides an endless stream of potentially unpleasant events. So depending on our connection to those around us, these events can become enjoyable bonding opportunities.

Unfortunately, we tend to severely limit our enjoyment by excluding people, often requiring specific individuals or types to be present in order to consider a situation enjoyable. But by increasing our willingness to accept all others as equal participants, we increase our likelihood for enjoyment.

When we’re of the mindset that we’re all in this together, then life improves. To accept the multitudes as partners on a shared journey, is to increase our joy. To close ourselves off, is to decrease everyone’s satisfaction, especially our own.

This is why we must give of all we have and then some. By treating all others as precious companions, by opening ourselves up, we increase our love and appreciation of life. Companionship, is what life boils down to. There really is no other point. We all have a good time, or none of us do.


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