People Types

I first heard of the “Myers–Briggs Type Indicator” stuff many years ago, assessed my type, and moved on. But recently, I happened upon it again and found the description so accurate, that it struck me in a new way. I’m a particular character it seems, one of only sixteen — and by simply reading the description, someone would know the essence of me and why I do what I do.

And if I’m such a definitive type, I’d tend to speculate that the other types are at least somewhat accurate — meaning the world is comprised of these few personalities, repeated over and over. It suggests I’m a stereotype, a set character in a fixed narrative. I’m often drawn to the idea that the world is really a computer simulation in which I have little to no control — so in my mind, these copy-pasted personalities tend to lend credence to the idea.

It appears that I am an INTP, a thinker. According to the description, this is me: I value logic and reason above all, living within my mind, wrapped up in theories, ever attempting to solve problems, I see myself as important and powerful, dismissive of the standing social order, needing to fix and improve, always finding patterns and devising explanations. I think rather than do, spending my time and energy on ideas attained through logical conclusions, socializing is secondary, feelings are secondary — a bit robotic or perhaps Vulcan — coming across as overly critical, sarcastic, or just negative. I express myself as accurately and succinctly as possible. Independent and unconventional, I dismiss tradition, seeking new analysis — I am not a leader or a follower. I simply seek to understand the world.

Solitary, I maintain minimal relationships. For the few I keep, my love is intensely focused and uncomplicated, faithful and pure. I am intrigued by intelligence. I have simple daily needs and can accept criticism. I tend not to externalize the intensity of my feelings. And to understand the feelings of others, I analyze, closely monitoring behavior, as I tend to lack intuition for such matters. I approach conflict analytically, which is not always appreciated by others. As a parent, I am easygoing, allowing my offspring to grow into themselves, leaving their lives unplanned, listening to their input, and enjoying their company.

And I like that description, it certainly seems fitting. I think the larger picture is this: if we are all comprised of predictable traits, then it would be in our interest as a society to identify and provide avenues of expression for each type. Otherwise, when people are not allowed to express their natural tendencies, there is bound to be dissatisfaction and frustration. We can also see that one definition of “normal” is not enough — but, we’re not all that different, as we share the same qualities with those in our type.


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