To Play or Not To Play

An excerpt from the fictional tales of The Revelation of Genesis.
The comic-book story of a character named Genesis

Why would I seek to change what so many seem to enjoy? To upend society in order to reshape it in the image of my own ideals? That sounds more like the work of a super-villain than savior. Is suffering not a part of life no matter the method of society’s organization? Who am I to criticize the structure that already stands?

I will simply sit quietly on the sidelines and not interrupt. Just imagine a group busily playing until I intrude, insisting they stop their game and play mine instead — how impudent of me. Even if their game includes what I perceive as violent abuse, perhaps I simply lack appreciation for the underlying nature of their game.

Of course, if from the sidelines, as I sit quietly, they drag me into their game, then a problem develops. Am I to sneak away, continually hiding myself from view each time I’m found? Yet to exist puts me in their line of sight. And no matter my stealth, the cries from their game penetrate my ears. I become weary, my sleep restless.

So you’ve summoned me. But your game is not the one we will play. The illusions upon which you base your lives will become the tools of your undoing. And from the ashes, a new way will rise: the last shall be first, and the first last — and so will begin the epoch of the meek and merciful. Woe to he who persecutes the weak, for I shall remember you on the day of judgement.


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