A Misunderstanding

An excerpt from the fictional tales of An Alien on Earth.
A story of an extraterrestrial’s warped interpretation of life on the planet Earth.

The birth of this nation began as the backroom dealings of elites. “We The People” were not so much consulted, but dragged — many kicking and screaming. And we only need look at the first meeting between John Adams, the appointed Minister Plenipotentiary, and King George to know the impetus for “revolution” was not abject tyranny, but the “tyranny” felt by a teenager complaining about his meager allowance and early curfew. Did Canada and Australia turn out as demented fiends, tormented by a tyrannical Britain? Psh.

And what did these faultless Founding Fathers set out to do after winning their independence? But cement the foundation of slavery and set forth on a genocidal westward expansion. Are these acts not the very definition of tyranny? And we should not let it escape our attention that these Founding Fathers found themselves in positions of leadership following the war, the war they themselves incited. Are those that participate in violent rebellion also those best fit to establish and maintain a government in peacetime?

And to call the system of government they established a “democracy” in any sense of the word is disingenuous at best. It was, and only ever has been, a system to present the appearance of general participation. How could the common folk know as much as educated elites — and therefore, why should their voice be equal? And while that is at least a logical position to hold, why pretend to include the opinions of the whole? Because by this illusion, they were able to create and maintain an oligarchy.

Many had noble intentions to be sure. For instance, Massachusetts began as a religious colony that was ever opposed to the practice of slavery. If their forefathers left Britain to escape religious persecution, then of course they may see fit to formally separate. Additionally, what pious man would not recognize that there is but one King who rules mankind, and should any mortal claim such a position for himself, he is both a charlatan and blasphemer.

It appears that the regular everyday working man though, the loyal subject of the crown, was dragged into independence by the wealthy businessmen conspiring with religious/philosophical zealots. These business elites did not seek freedom for the masses, but freedom from regulation — they sought the power to exploit at will. And henceforth, the country’s history has been the common man’s struggle to free himself from the oppressive yoke of profiteers.

But through misdirection, the source of the people’s dissatisfaction remains unknown to many. Hidden behind layers of confusion: obfuscated electoral processes, parties, “representatives”, laws, policies, self-serving regulations, exemptions, loopholes, agreements, bureaucracies — there is nothing to focus on, there is only a sense of lack and bewilderment. To enact change, one must understand what it is that requires changing — but the system exists to misdirect and remain misunderstood.


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