Happy New Year

Yesterday she was on her way to one of the farther supermarkets, just because she likes to change it up now and again. It started snowing, so she called to say she’d divert to a closer one. I checked the weather radar and said it wasn’t bad, just a brief sprinkle of flakes. She said okay, I’ll continue to the farther one then.

On her way home, she was stopped by the police (first time ever), an expired registration she knew nothing about. It was so expired in fact, that instead of a ticket, she received a court summons. I’m typically in charge of all bills and due dates but this one slipped under the radar, they send no reminders or notices. So thanks to me, she’s to appear in court, early morning within the heart of the city, at the end of next month.

My character’s default is to feel persecuted and get angry at such events. In my more enlightened state, I still feel these things and even express them to a point. I watch though, and do what I can to keep it minimal. I typically try to zoom out, seeing life from a broader perspective until such events appear small and insignificant.

Oftentimes I imagine that life is screwing with me, introducing cute little stressors for me to deal with. They especially seem to appear during times of relative ease. Oh, your life is a bit too comfortable, you’re due for a challenge Rich, here ya go. Uh, thanks. But this regular introduction of turbulence seems too consistent to be anything but artificial — and once I realize that: poof, I’ve pierced the veil and life’s fiction becomes too obvious to stress over.


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