A Real Boy

Come on, surely you’ve been doing something besides blogging for these past few years!? Okay, you’ve got me, I’ve been busier than I let on. For the past three years, I’ve been working on a special project — this blog is not the project, it’s only an offshoot of something bigger.

There were only two things I ever felt passionate about in life, finding a best-friend and not being a bad parent. Almost two-decades ago, I found that best friend, and now I’ve been working on the second part. Yes, I have been hard at work on the development of a happy little boy.

To facilitate a merry atmosphere, I of course needed to be happy myself. Being a dour unsmiling pessimist, I sought a drastic upheaval in my attitude towards life. This blog helped me to do just that, it provided the answers and focus I required. I’ve probably smiled more in the past three years than I ever have.

And the results so far are very promising. He laughs, he jokes, he smiles. Although he’s a mommy’s boy, his daddy is there for him whenever he needs. His tears have only ever been brief, always followed up with a gentle embrace and comforting words — or if necessary, a quick distraction. My time and efforts are dedicated to ensuring that he is a smiling, happy boy.

And so I present James:
James & Family
Some odd facts: James was born on my birthday and we also share the same Chinese Zodiac animal (even though it’s a 12-year cycle). Not odd, but since people tend to wonder: he is half Filipino.


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