Cup Runneth Over

We all seem to be searching for something, yes? At first, the obvious questions are: what am I looking for and where can I find it? But if you stare at the problem long enough, the question becomes: why am I even looking for something in the first place?

It should strike you as odd that you’re so consumed by an unfulfillable quest for fulfillment. Why do we need to need? Even when the basics of life are provided, we still have a hole that needs filling — it does not end, this obsession to find and do.

In a sense then, this urgency-of-want is artificial. If no matter what we do, the desires persist, regardless of whether something need be done, then the urges are unnecessary, they’re not resolving a genuine need. When filling our cup to drink, should we not stop when full — why continue pouring?

When we realize the inessential nature of these impulses, we are free to ignore them. We can convince ourselves as to the fullness of our cup, and simply stop pouring. With this understanding, the pressure and desperation of attainment comes to an end — we no longer need to need — our thirst is quenched.


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