In the Middle

Are we to satiate, integrate, or strip away the beastly nature of man? In other words, is man an animal just seeking to quench his desires, is he a hybrid seeking to reconcile the physical with the metaphysical, or is he a spirit seeking to be free from corporeal influence? In other words, are we to seek the fulfillment of wants, seek continuous betterment while struggling toward an ideal, or do we seek to remove the limitations of the human animal?

Being that we abhor brutality, that we praise self-control, that we reject asceticism, it appears that we choose option 2, integration. Humanity therefore is not merely an animal, but something more, a hybrid of body and consciousness. Whether that self-awareness resides purely in the brain or within another realm is unknown — but it watches this world, and is therefore in no position to denigrate this experience.

We should not act as animals nor entirely abstain, but seek harmony between observer and the observed. An authentic and unified life cannot adopt every efficiency — if we are to watch life lived, we must engage in the toil of existence. But within this world we are to reject savagery — we are to discover and define perfection, and strive upon its path. An onslaught of challenge stands in opposition to this goal, yet we are to proceed with persistence.


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