Without Power

Life is a strange experience, no? So strange in fact, that a lot people have a lot of trouble dealing with it. I don’t see birds having any trouble, they hatch, fly, hunt, build nests, mate, lay eggs — pretty straightforward, yes? And the same seems to be true for other wild animals.

Yet with people, there’s something different, there’s strife and turmoil. Is consciousness therefore the cause of all our suffering? Does our self-awareness prevent us from living uncomplicated lives? It appears that observation of our own existence leads to much confusion.

We see ourselves within this world and want so much to control the experience. Because our view is front-row center, we feel as though we should have significant influence — it’s as if we’re in the driver’s seat. And life oftentimes aligns with our wishes, giving us the sensation of control.

But as we attempt to steer, at some point life heads in the opposite direction — and we find ourselves powerless as our life takes its own path. But even when faced with this evidence of powerlessness, we deny it, fighting it until frustrated, even attempting to escape the realization.

Some will lament the loss of power, yet we never had it to begin with. Our lives are in fact very straightforward, our path is not a branching of endless choices. And the role of our consciousness is not as driver, but as passenger. When we let life alone and watch appreciatively, it’s no longer complicated.


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