On the Beach

“Hi, mind if I sit here?”

She looked up, slightly startled.
The beach had been empty as she sat watching waves.

“I saw you from my balcony over there, and you looked a bit sad.”

Her eyes went back to staring, searching the horizon.
He placed his hand softly upon her neck, drawing his lips to her cheek.

“Life loves you”, he said.
“I’m not one for physical contact, but know that life wants you comforted.”
He stood up and left.

The warmth of his touch lingered, radiating into her heart.
What was that, she wondered as her mood lightened.

Hungry, she went back to her room, one last night before she returned to the familiar.
But things seemed a little different now.

She never saw him again, but she didn’t need to, it was life’s gentle caress that touched her that day.


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