Shipwrecked on Earth

I’ve noticed times when my thoughts seem tuned to a particular frequency, for years even, then abruptly change to a new frequency. What I once thought impenetrable, was now clear and relatable. What I once thought certain, was now a ridiculous notion. It’s almost as if understanding is merely a switch that turns on — not the end-product of gradual study and practice. When observing problem solving, I can see that solutions more often come from putting the problem aside and sleeping on it, not toiling away at it — then something clicks and the answer seems so obvious.

I’ve also seen claims concerning the power of intention. For instance, the placebo effect — expected outcomes coming to fruition despite the lack of functionality in the prescription. A patient intends for the “medicine” to work, and so it does. Is it true then, that mere intention is an active driver of destiny? But of course we must always wonder, where exactly do these impulses of intention originate — in that sense, we still lack ultimate control.

So in one sense, I can’t facilitate my own understanding — either it comes or it doesn’t. And in another sense, I can perhaps intend for my actions to bring about a particular outcome — and it may happen — although why I wished for such a thing, I have no idea. Life is an odd thing when scrutinized. As part of a society, we’re given a particular explanation of how the world works — but this explanation often doesn’t hold up under examination.

When everyone tells you something is one way, but you see evidence contrary to their claims, you’re left in a state of shock and quandary. Stating your case falls on deaf ears. Eventually you’re left with the idea that life is a mystery no one understands and everyone is clinging to whatever scrap of belief can keep them afloat. Lost in a sea of assumptions, attempting to find solid ground that’s nowhere to be found — shipwrecked — shipwrecked on Earth.


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