Precipice of Power

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

Scanning through the historic narrative, we can see that the first third of the twentieth century was fraught with massive inequality — an inequality not from resource scarcity, but mismanagement. Profit and punishment outweighed compassion and cooperation, tipping the scales of society towards hardship and hunger.

In the second third of the twentieth century, backed by the hungry masses, powerful leaders promising change swept into government. At least one of these leaders attempted to rebalance economic conditions in order to provide resources and opportunity to every citizen. And at least one leader took advantage of the economic conditions in order to fulfill a self-serving agenda.

But in both locations, the leader was provided with a measure of dictatorial control by the masses supporting him. The successful leader gave back to the people, dismantling concentrated economic power while establishing fairer economic practices. The ultimately unsuccessful leader concentrated power within his own hands and established unfair economic practices.

As our own time experiences its version of economic inequality, let us examine the past to understand our future. Do we the people support those seeking power through fear and the division and denigration of others — or do we support those seeking to lift all mankind through fairness to a state of decency and equality. We know the outcome of each path — may we choose wisely.


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