In Richland

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Life in Richland

In Richland, folks take life a bit slower. No one’s in a rush to get anywhere, walking to most places, casually biking to others, and driving their small electric vehicles when called for, traveling no faster than 15 mph.

There’s a number of bakeries in Richland, folks love to eat. Restaurants too, all-natural wholesome food, and everything costs what it costs, no one’s trying to take more than they need. Life’s better when everyone has the means to participate.

Schools are a top priority in Richland. Teachers are respected, selected for their patience and willingness to engage in thoughtful discussions with students. Kids know they’re valued members of the community, and their transition to adulthood has plenty of helping hands.

It’s a simple life in Richland, some grow food, others bake pies, there’s builders and woodworkers, artists and writers, teachers and chefs — and there’s those that haven’t yet found their path. Folks take a lighthearted approach to life, making sure everyone has a good time.


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