Experimental Bliss

Dear life, I’m willing to engage in an experiment to determine whether living a life of comfort has any effect on happiness.

To facilitate my relative comfort, please fulfill the following conditions:
A small quaint and cozy dwelling with a scenic view and direct access to several solitary and peaceful acres (for daily walks).
Some spending money on top of living expenses.
Reliable high-speed Internet access.
Those closest to me now should remain close.
I’d like to be perceived as a well-regarded and knowledgable eccentric.
I’d like to receive these things via unconventional means, yet without any “Twightlight Zone” style twists.

Typical daily activities likely include reading some interesting things on the Internet, taking walks, various forms of exercise, thinking thoughts and writing them down, eating quality wholesome foods, watching some entertaining shows/videos, then going to bed late without being woken up early. And I’d likely engage in projects from time to time, perhaps writing books or woodworking.

What do you say life?

P.S. And if it’s not too much trouble, please create an atmosphere of cooperation and opportunity for everyone else, thanks.


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