Modification Request

Hello life, I’d like to put in a request. I think all the drama going on is a bit too much, I think it should be turned down a few notches. And hey, if it doesn’t work out, things can always go back to a higher-intensity.

And no offense, but the current conditions seem too fake, it’s literally the same problems over and over. And they’re not the fun problems like having two dates to the school dance. No, it’s just stress and fear-based problems. Instead of gritty-drama mode, how about we try romantic-comedy mode for awhile?

When things are too difficult or too miserable, too many people are just going to lose their desire to participate. Then what’s the point? Either they sink into despair or they become disinterested, just waiting for the nonsense to end.

So that’s my request, thanks for listening. And really, you’ve got a great setup here, this whole Earth thing — it has so much potential. But couldn’t it be even better? Just a little tune-up: a little less conflict and a tad more cooperation. Thanks again.


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