Wicked Treasures

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

If there is any doubt of the corruptibility of both commerce and government, one need only look to the vile institution of slavery, once so prevalent in practice and law — a century of legal for-profit brutality, with repercussions lasting even longer. And make no mistake, these were not simple folk from simpler times, many of the era denounced its villainy. So I ask you, is it not possible for evil to take the reins of this nation? I dare say it is.

From this nation’s inception, we witnessed a market unrestrained, motivated solely by profit, committing crimes of unimaginable horrors. And we witnessed the use of such ill-gotten gains, these profiteers purchasing protection within government, further entrenching their power. And reason would not sway, an appeal to righteousness and goodwill fell on deaf ears — it was not until lead and fire came to their doorsteps, that the lawfulness of this peculiar institution came to an end.

The historic narrative reveals that those on a corrupted path will remain so until acted upon by an opposing force. Now this force need not be violent, but an unyielding resistance must exist. If we in our time lack opposition to exploitation and corruption, then we welcome these conditions with open arms. Simply expecting those with power to act for the common good is never enough — we can witness the ineffectiveness of logical and polite discourse throughout history.

So who will protect us from such abuses? It has only ever been the coordinated efforts of the people, in a force of solidarity, that restrains such misconduct. But as always, this slumbering giant must be awoken to the parasites feeding upon his flesh. He feels the sting, scratches in vain, but knows not the cause or cure. He simply believes his pains result from the natural ebb and flow of a system he does not understand — but these sores are the concerted effort of exploitation, of predators preying upon the people’s trust.


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