E Pluribus Unum

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

Many believe this nation won a war over half a century ago. But friends, that war was not won, the enemy only lay dormant. The enemy was, and always will be, the idea of difference amongst people, that some are better than others, and deserve more.

When we place others within groups and proclaim one of higher value than another, we plant the seeds of ruin. Because when times get tough, who will bear the brunt of sacrifice? And in better times, who will endure exploitation?

This enemy does not have a face, but rests within the minds of mankind. In that time not so long ago, those within this nation fought to suppress this enemy, winning the battle, and so created a period of unity and prosperity unseen in the modern era. But it has returned.

With ignorance of its true form, believing themselves victors, the people lost their vigilance. Friends, now is our time to combat this pestilence, this disease of the mind. Laws placed upon bodies can not endure, as it is only through the unity of our collective consciousness, that this war can be won.

Tearing down the borders between us and them, we are left as one. Believing ourselves created from a single source, without distinct worth, sharing the same struggles, only then will we realize our full potential, only then will we form a united whole, and only then will we as a people ever truly prosper.


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