Underlying Solidarity

It simply doesn’t matter what form a government takes or what policies it enacts, the deciding factor of general prosperity is whether there exists a cooperative atmosphere within the nation. If the whole of its people do not get along, legislation cannot force them.

We can see within the historic narrative, how forced laws of integration never brought true equality. And to examine periods of prosperity, we can see what preceded them: intense struggle — so much so, that solidarity was formed naturally. We can also observe that legislated reforms are fought against and stripped away by opponents at the first opportunity.

So no, the general prosperity of a nation cannot be achieved through a political fight. It is, and always will be, the underlying ideas inhabiting the minds of the people that unite them. If they feel as one, then they shall be one, and no law will make it otherwise.

So the political game is a red-herring, a manifestation of the disjointed minds within the nation — it is not the cause but a result. Only when people’s thoughts coalesce in a spirit of cooperation and self-sacrifice will a nation flourish.


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