National Fever

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Alien on Earth
Circa 2014. North America.

There is a particular disease that afflicts every powerful nation at some point in its existence. When stricken with this illness, a very vocal and persistent faction festers to the point of tearing the nation apart with its ultimately self-defeating ideals. The symptoms are as follows:

Hyper-patriotism, including the denouncement as unpatriotic, those not fully supporting their cause. Also, the draping of everything in flags and patriotic paraphernalia.

Widespread use of propaganda, noted by its blatant and unrelenting mis-characterization of opposition, and the single-minded messages that ripple through followers as if a single voice.

Brutishness, heavy-handed political tactics and power grabs, including bullying, intimidation, and abusive name-calling. This also includes picking on the weakest members of society to blame for societal woes.

Manic enthusiasm for the cause, even people previously reasonable, no longer are. Logic and evidence are not considered, their opinions become unwavering.

Self-defeating ideals, that if carried to fruition, are essentially self-destructive.

Sabotage of infrastructure: those safeguards and institutions that provide a decent life for the whole of a nation are stripped away, while resources are diverted to those supporting the cause.

Excessive militarism: this includes the use of an expeditionary force for foreign invasion, the militarization of domestic law enforcement, and the use of domestic mass surveillance for suppression.

War becomes eternal, enemies are everywhere — the resulting fear brings compliance, the sacrifice of liberties, and the need for preemptive attack.


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