Infectious Ideas

We see the world not through eyes, but ideas. Ideas enter our minds from the environment, and we come to understand the world through this conceptual bombardment. We don’t control which ideas we’re presented with or how they affect us.

In this way, an idea is like an infectious disease, broadcasting from mind to mind, oftentimes corrupting. And to counter, we may vaccinate our minds, prepped to recognize and reject harmful ideas — or we may attack directly, countering with concepts both better and stronger.

Why is a disease considered diseased, but because of its debilitating effects. Toxic ideas are also recognized by their influence: those that bring us down, hampering our enjoyment of life. And ideas vary in their level of contagion, some spreading like wildfire, while others ignored immediately.

Within the world and within our minds, ideas compete for attention. Lives and generations formed through selected thought to create narratives. Life, earth, existence — simply a medium in which to generate and convey thought. Ideas outlasting embodied hosts.


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