Rock and Roll

The fictional tales of The Gentleman from Massachusetts
Circa 2014. Massachusetts.

The 50s and 60s, the Golden Era of American life. The middle-class lifestyle represented by this period was to become the envy of the world. A house, a spouse, a couple kids, a car, travel, an education and a fulfilling career with plenty of upward mobility.

Earlier times were marked by a distinct split: those of the privileged-class and everyone else — but no more, this was the era of solidarity, of conformity to the ideal that all men are created equal. When else could those so subdued by racism even consider a struggle for change?

During these times, not even the Earth itself could contain American ideals. But with this giant leap came a stumble, and another, and another, until the spirit of an indivisible union performing the impossible was knocked out, supplanted and splintered by the spirit of self-serving fear.

And so, my fellow Americans, the blueprint for a better world lays before our eyes — looking to the past, we see what works: to give of ourselves, sacrificing to support even those with which we differ, working together under the promise of a fair and decent life for all. Our service to mankind, let that be our reward.


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