Giant Shoulders

Advanced technology demonstrates that humanity is capable of building upon recorded experiences. Yet in other realms, such as social organization (including the management and allocation of resources, education, health, and basic human relationships), humanity seems less likely to seek improvement by way of experimentation and the application of historical data.

While technology progresses, human society tends to remain in a static state of unrest. When compared to other capabilities, it seems absurd as to how well humans adapt to technology. Thousand-pound land-rockets traveling at speeds in excess of 70 mph are successfully navigated by 70-year-olds. Computers and the Internet integrate into society as if they always existed. And of course, weapons technology grew well beyond the simple spear.

It’s almost as if other realms of human activity are sacrificed for the sake of technology’s advancement. Does this mean humanity has built-in blind spots? Is it possible that humanity’s growth in certain areas is limited where as technology’s potential for progress is unlimited? Will boredom and complacency always lead to a natural decay in social organization?

But is technology the goal or merely a plot device to move the story along. Will advanced technology eventually collapse under its own weight, sending humanity back to a primitive stage — just as a tower of blocks is knocked over to be rebuilt. Perhaps tens or hundreds of thousands of years ago, a society more advanced than our own existed. To think this is the first and only attempt at reaching this technological stage seems naive considering the relatively infinite nature of the universe.


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