Drop of Drama

Noticed spot on ceiling, ignored it. Few days pass, noticed larger spot on ceiling, poked it. Wet, hmm, roof leak. Measured location within room, went outside. Measured approximate location on exterior, noted vent pipes exiting roof near internal leak location. Taped phone to long pole, recorded video, found nothing peculiar, but view limited.

Went outside again, measured necessary height for potential ladder. Male approached from across street, offered pressure-wash service for house exterior. Introduced himself, had the same first name. Mentioned roof leak, said he’d take care of it. Went to store, bought leak sealant. Had exterior washed, needed it. Had sealant applied, said he found obvious hole, nail missing on flange.

Seemed odd: rarely in front yard, rare to see solicitors, rare for offer of unrelated service, rare to meet same first name, rare to have roof leak, and don’t like heights or ladders. Had to accept offer.