Blaming Life

When someone interacts with me, I see it as life interacting with me. People are the constituents of life, not autonomous individuals. Did someone treat me unfairly? No, it was part of life’s narrative — life concocts the characters and events that lead to every encounter. And when I respond, my response is also part of life’s narrative.

And because of this perception of individual blamelessness, my thoughts about events tend to be much more muted. So in a sense, I’m placing all the blame onto life itself — but it’s easier to forgive life, my creator and caretaker, than hundreds of individuals. And there’s really no forgiveness needed when I imagine life’s perspective.

Life is doing what it can to construct and sustain this world, and for whatever reason, is depicting this particular narrative, perhaps as a form of entertainment — and instead of complaining, it’s probably best to accept the story and politely follow along.


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