Whimsical Reply

I guess I feel like an idiot for taking life so seriously for so long. I mean, it’s obvious once you realize it. I’ve been saying how nonsensical life’s been all along — well duh, it’s supposed to be, it’s a goofy tale of patchy-haired apes on a rock hurtling around a fireball.

Even the best life is merely a series of silly little tasks. Romance: we love each other up until we can’t stand one another. Raising families: a battle of who can annoy who the most until one side cracks. Then we attempt to justify why a particular endeavor is worthy, and not a dopey waste of time — but of course it’s all nonsense.

I hear your complaint, now hear my reply:

My friend, build a sandcastle, a big one in which you carefully pile and selectively shape moistened sand into something nice. It’s fun right, to design and assemble? But it’s sand, soon to crumble, a futile and dumb effort, but it provides a sense of accomplishment and seems worthwhile while in the act. That’s life: whatever is built will crumble — but the point isn’t the decay itself, the point of decay is to provide more opportunities to build.

Ends provide opportunities — ends are the impetus for creation. The world is in a constant state of maturation and decay, do not see this as loss but as constant growth. Without decay there’s no growth, the world would be complete and unchanging.

Every bout of play looks unimportant to the outside observer, but to those engaged, a simple game becomes a meaningful affair. In life, all avenues are provided, some being of no interest to you, thus appearing pointless. Therefore look to what interests you and engage with that.

Although their outcomes are pointless, these pursuits provide you with a life in which to participate. Within the infinite, no outcome can be meaningful, no lessons can be learnt — the most that can be offered is a whimsical frolic through a funhouse.

There is no test, this is no punishment, if it could be described as anything, it is a gift, a treat with which to engage the senses, observing life from within. Please accept it with an open and forgiving mind, without scrutinizing, and without fear. With this perspective you will find satisfaction, of this, there is no doubt.


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