Carefree Life

Just try to figure out your role in life, you can’t do it. Who knows from where inspiration comes or how long it lasts. Who knows if a daily grind will bore you into something new. Who knows what technologies will be invented. Who knows who will enter or exit your life. Who knows what feelings will develop or fade. Who knows what accidents or upheavals will transpire.

Do you incessantly attempt to deduce every aspect of fiction? Or do you simply let the story unfold? The movie will end how it ends no matter your analysis or prediction. Internal urges and external pressures will force you to act, conscious examination is unnecessary — you will make no choices. If choices were possible, your life would be vastly different than it is, yes? So relax, and watch.

A little guessing, for fun? Sure, but recognize its fancifulness. Know that your ideas about life in the future can only ever be wrong and severely limited. The past too, its consequences are unknowable, its variables vast, its facts incomplete. The dissection and scrutiny of life cannot change its course — “whatever will be, will be”.

It’s a silly little story. The gossip, the pooping, the hairs growing out of places, the costumes, the awkward interactions, the repetition — who would take this seriously? Oh? You didn’t get the memo? Oops. But that’s just how laid-back this place is, sorry brah. I mean, it’s kinda obvious, no? Weren’t flatulence and professional wrestling a big enough clue? Well now you know, so chillax. Don’t worry about a thing, just let it happen, ‘k?


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