Noblesse Oblige

Although life may be for entertainment purposes only, never perceive another as a mere disposable body, but as an eternal essence temporarily trapped. Cloaked behind a veil of flesh, what lies beneath is forever, respect its presence on Earth. Interactions may not be pleasant, some even violent, but discern the worth within.


4 thoughts on “Noblesse Oblige

  1. Is this just for precaution? You say life may be for entertainment purposes only and I think it is unanimously accepted that humans constitute towards much of what life is (Atleast in the eyes of other humans). Thus humans are life.. or at least are certainly a segment of life. So if life is just entertainment and life is made up of multiple factors combined (people, nature, senses) then those factors can surely not hold more meaning than the full picture. If life is entertainment so too are humans. And a need or want to see ourselves as eternal or sacred in some way is perhaps a selfish drive as opposed to an objective estimation. What I’m saying is ‘life’ and ‘humans’ are on par. If you view life in a light-hearted manner because it may only be a temporary fictional illusion, then you must view humans the same.

    • Oh hello, I remember you.

      Yes I think it is a precautionary statement: even if I view life as mere entertainment, I must still treat others respectfully.

      And I agree that both life and humans are to be viewed in a lighthearted manner — but this includes not trying to cheat or abuse people, in other words: keep it playful.

      And relatedly, if one subscribes to the “Biocentric” theory of existence, then humans are indeed life, they create it — to summarize the theory: the universe didn’t randomly create consciousness, consciousness creates the universe.

  2. I decided to pop up again. And to be honest you were one of the first blogs I went on.

    I don’t know though, I guess I question what ‘lighthearted’ means – often viewed as playful I agree but perhaps its more malicious than that. It also suggests a lack of caring and a feel of ‘do whatever you want, it doesn’t matter’. Treating something in a lighthearted manner, In my opinion, instantly decreases its value somewhat. Or atleast decreases the respect you have for it. indeed important things or significant things are never lighthearted. So to me, such a perspective on life is actually fairly negative, worthless. I happen to be indifferent about such a conclusion but I wonder if that was what you intended in your post?

    Also I agree entirely with your theory summary ‘the universe didn’t randomly create consciousness, consciousness creates the universe’ and think its quite a nice quote.

    • Yes, I read your latest post about a potential return to blogging.

      To further define “lighthearted”, think of playing a board-game, if all a participant cares about is winning, then he’s going to have a bad time if he loses. He’ll be obsessed with winning and may even cheat or harass other players on his quest to victory. But to play lightheartedly, is to not care about outcomes, even to the point of assisting other players, making sure everyone has a good time because it’s just a silly game, the fun comes from participation not winning.

      So I’d say a lighthearted outlook is neither negative nor worthless, but the very opposite — it values life for the amusement and drama it provides, and it values other participants, respecting everyone’s search for satisfaction.

      I would claim there are no truly important or significant things — for instance, just try and prove they exist.

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