Idealistic State

After reading through the declarations of rights within the constitutions of various states, I think it would be nice to see such ideals implemented. Happiness and the enjoyment of life as the goal for all, the abolition of the underclass, the lack of privilege, the fair distribution of life’s abundance, those in government as servants of the people, the transparency and accountability of officials, the lack of militarization in times of peace, fair and impartial courts, and an adherence to the principles that underly a free society.

In fact, the authors of these documents claim it is the unquestionable right of the people to alter any government that does not provide these things. But surely, even in their own time, these men did not implement such lofty ideas. They simply wrote pretty words, in pretty script, with pretty pens.

If such ideals were important to a society, they would be rigorously taught to every citizen, not as vague concepts and slogans, but as ideas fundamental to their lives. Yet if education even touches upon the concept of government, it merely discusses the players and positions while glossing over the underlying principles.

If these principles were the natural state of man, their dissemination would be unnecessary. But as it is, man’s selfishness left unchecked devours all in its path — so it becomes necessary to limit the growth of greed with rules, allowing all to benefit from life’s provisions. But how can an informed vote be cast by those unaware of government’s essential purpose. Without such knowledge, we can only fall back on our self-centered ignorance, led by our avarice.


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