Pursuit of Happiness

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Nathaniel Acorn.
Circa 1775. Massachusetts.

The Almighty bestowed life upon us — and to facilitate our survival, provided resources for our sustenance. But beyond mere survival, our Creator placed within each of us a set of inclinations, those impulses that guide and direct our life’s path, our source of fulfillment.

All men, being created by the Almighty, are equally due the opportunity of their life’s pursuit. Therefore, each one born among us is due the necessary means to pursue his life’s desires. It is for this reason that men come together to form governments to manage and distribute the blessings provided by our Creator.

We need not earthly masters, but mere stewards, maintaining what rightfully belongs to the whole of mankind. There exists already, a single proprietor of everything under the sun, every man is but a borrower while occupying his mortal frame. A man’s spirit knows what it needs to fulfill itself, thus it is unnecessary to judge the validity of need — a man asks and so he receives.

Only in the instance of a man taking more than he can use, at the expense of those that share this earthly existence, should he be limited. In this way, our appointed stewards fulfill their role, ensuring the welfare of all. Should any lack the essentials of life, it is the duty of our collective to reorganize its method of distribution so that all share in His blessings. For how shall we answer during our day of judgement — inasmuch as ye did not feed, quench, comfort or clothe the least of these my brethren, ye did it not to me.


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