Without Measure

An excerpt from the fictional tales of Nathaniel Acorn.
Circa 1790. Massachusetts.

The Almighty provideth, yet certain men set themselves as gatekeepers to these stores of provisions. But by what right should some claim ownership of gifts provided to all? Surely it is not by first sight — is a youngest born of any less value than an eldest — is he not due his share? Shall we compete for the spoils? But of course, those well established void any sense of competition. And what of those whose temperament lacks a competitive nature — should the gentle starve?

That system by which we now distribute our Creator’s blessings is instituted by man, a fallible creature, a beast prone to greed — so to believe it a worthy system, is but another fallacy. His charge to us, a simple one: give as I give — not based upon a system of measure, as Providence provideth to all equally, rain and shine falls upon the wicked and the good. Nay, we are to give without restraint, for we dare not judge, lest we ourselves face the very same prosecution — additionally, our imperfect nature renders us incapable of conceiving a metric worthy to judge by.

Are we not, each one of us, created with a set of inclinations differing from his neighbor? In His wisdom, did the Almighty not provide for the allocation of His blessings? Does every man desire the farm life, does every man have the capacity to craft, does every man excel in the healing arts — are the many roles of life a mere coincidence? So give to a man what he asks, for it is He who truly asks.

For sustenance, as well as his contribution to our common cause of happiness, let each take his due. Our only restraint, greed, the taking with intent for others to lack, producing false scarcity. Far have we strayed, worshipping at the alter of coin, but friends let us recognize our mistake, and from ever onward, do as He does, let us strive to be perfect as He is perfect. Let us give of all we have in this life, for without earthly trappings, we are free to enter the next.


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