Hidden Message

Why isn’t the secret of happiness written down for all to read? Perhaps it is, but the secret isn’t digestible until the reader is ready to consume it. For instance, try to read a story written in an unknown language using an unknown alphabet — it’s incomprehensible. And even after learning basic vocabulary, there’s still issues regarding word order, idioms, and cultural context.

So, how could anyone recognize descriptions of deep satisfaction without having experienced such things? Even a step-by-step guide would seem nonsensical. Often times, thorough understanding takes many years of diligent study and dedicated practice.

Language is what narrates our lives, it tells the stories comprising our existence — and this narrative determines our satisfaction with life. If our vocabulary consists only of terms for pain and despair, then that’s all we’ll know. To know contentment is to tell our tale in a tranquil tone.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Message

  1. This is probably one of the most inspirational pieces on happiness. Also I think if it was written down we wouldn’t be happy, humans need experience in order to know. As you said like reading a book in another language, we’d need preparation before. The older you get the great the book you read gets. If it has no interest then clearly you haven’t read correctly and you missed things on the way.

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