Clouded Self

What if I tend towards anger or anxiety or some other form of negativity, is that my role in life?

It’s more likely that negative tendencies are a result of confusion and frustration rather than inherent qualities. If seeking fulfillment, one would not act out negative inclinations, as doing so would amplify their negative effects, leading to more confusion and frustration.

A more likely path to fulfillment comes from a change in thinking, coupled with a pursuit of deep desires. These particular desires lie below the surface of negative pollution — they define one’s role in life. Frustration comes from not following these deep desires. But to discern them, one must recognize and eliminate the layer of negativity, replacing it with clarity.

Attainment of this clarity takes dedicated practice. The process typically includes research, observation, analysis, and a filtering of thought. Thoughts resulting in clouded mental conditions are continuously pruned away, while thoughts resulting in tranquility are encouraged. And with this process, negativity loses its prominence, allowing for one’s true nature to surface.


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