Modern Monk

In this context, “monk” is defined as one seeking union with God through self-discipline.

A monk studies life — researching, analyzing, interpreting — deciphering what life is — the sum of which he calls God. God is complete, perfect. The monk studies this perfection, setting it as his goal. The monk observes and directs his thoughts, aligning them with God — and in doing so he discovers satisfaction. A monk takes these findings and shares them with those yearning to listen. Speaking words from within, the monk offers glimpses of the eternal.

A monk serves as a beacon to God, and as such must integrate into society, providing a spiritual sanctuary not set off from, but amongst the masses — eschewing ascetic or nostalgic trappings in favor of relatable clarity. This entire world is God’s temple, and it is the monk who realizes this. Yet knowing all is God, the monk smiles, engaging lightheartedly with life.


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