Potential Paths

We can attempt to accept our role in life or attempt to manipulate our position in life.

If we attempt to accept our role, we need to develop patience, foster a sense of gratitude, appreciate things we don’t readily appreciate, and have faith in life’s plan and let it lead the way.

If we attempt to manipulate our position in life, we have to believe we are in control, develop a sense of power over the physical, practice persistence, appreciate failure and adaptation, and have faith in ourselves.

It’s a passive approach or an active approach — each with its own challenges. It’s not easy to accept a life we find unpleasant nor is it easy to believe we can control our place within the world. And no matter which approach, we need faith in an intangible force maintaining the integrity of the system.

In other words we are required to trust life. Without this trust, we couldn’t believe in predetermined roles or long-term goals. If life could crash at every turn, there would be no place for patience or planning.


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